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How to make a professional email address in 2 minutes

Emails like are the quickest way to send your resume to the shredder. For business owners the standard is even higher. Non-personalized emails from major providers like @gmail, @hotmail, or @mac tell customers that you don’t have your act together.

Luckily, Google Apps provides a simple solution to hook up a custom domain to their excellent email services and more.

First, go to Google Apps.

google apps

Google Apps home

Click on the ‘Get started’ button. If you own your own domain enter it into the open field. If not, Google will register one for you for $10/yr. Three basic tips to a great domain:

  1. Incorporate your name. Duh, it’s your email! You aren’t soccerchica7 anymore. Let potential employers see that your name is important to you.
  2. Use initials to find an available domain. The 10,000 most popular last names are already taken so you will likely end up using a combination of initials.
  3. Avoid incorporating a play on words. You’ll have plenty of time to show people that you’re clever and witty. You don’t need to in your email address. Stick with your name and you’ll be able to use the same email for any recipient.

Once you have your domain fill out a few fields for Google. In return you will receive a powerful mail client for personal or business usage.

google apps

Set up a domain with Google Apps



Résumés Love the Grid

Conventional wisdom argues that Microsoft Word is the best tool to make a professional résumé or CV. Knowledge of design made me certain that Excel would provide a simple solution for a grid layout template. Excel offers structure, simplicity, and typography to challenge a confusing Word document.

My template uses Alte Haas Grotesk to make bold, easy-to-read headings. The body font is Georgia which was specifically designed to be easy to read on the web – making it the ideal body font to use for job applications sent electronically.

For the job-hunters sick of Word, enjoy.

excel grid resume template

Generic Black and White Lines Photo

Black and white lines